Store unwashed apples in the coldest piece of your cooler

For best outcomes, keep your icebox at 33 to 35 degrees with some dampness to diminish wilting.

Deal with your apples regularly and evacuate any harmed ones to use for juice or sauce. One rotten one can ruin the group!

Try not to store apples with solid noticing sustenances like onions and garlic. Apples can without much of a stretch interpretation of the smell of those sustenances.

You’ll additionally need to repel apples from potatoes as they discharge a gas as they age which makes apples ruin.

To store a whole box of apples, consider a second fridge or keep the crate in a cool, dim place. Enclosing every apple by paper will give extra insurance and postpone aging.

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Step by step instructions to FREEZE APPLES

Solidifying apples is an awesome method to appreciate the organic product immediately for smoothies, eating, and the sky is the limit from there. We’ve sketched out two unique techniques you can use to solidify apples:

To start with, wash, peel, and center every apple. Utilize sweet apple assortments for best outcomes.

Next, cut the apple into even, thin cuts. A medium apple yields 12 cuts, while a substantial apple yields 16.

Brush the cuts with a water-ascorbic corrosive blend, or a lemon squeeze and water blend. This keeps the natural product from cooking.

At that point, pick your solidifying technique: syrup pack, dry pack, or your own strategy.

Syrup Pack: Mix some sugar in some chilly water in pot and heat to the point of boiling. Once the sugar breaks up, put apple cuts in the bubbling syrup for 1 to 2 minutes. Deplete and cool. Pack the apples into cooler safe sacks. Evacuate abundance air. Stop. These cuts will stay useful for at least a half year.

Dry Pack: Place the apple cuts in a solitary layer on a treat sheet. Stop until strong. Evacuate and pack into cooler safe sacks.


Hurl a crisp apple (skin and all) with different foods grown from the ground green of decision (like spinach or kale) in a blender for a snappy and sound breakfast smoothie

Utilize apples to make a lovely and consumable table focal point like this one from our blog

Sweeten up a green serving of mixed greens with new apple cuts

Utilize apples in imaginative snacks for your kids to appreciate

Appreciate apple cuts with your top pick “plunge.” Peanut spread and Greek yogurt are two scrumptious and solid decisions.

Make hand crafted apple chips for a speedy and simple tidbit

Cook apples with squash, onions, flavors, and a veggie or two. At that point, mix into a warm and filling soup.